Do you have specific types or sizes of blankets that you collected?

We take all kinds of blankets and quilts — handmade, purchased, and giveaways — as well as any size including baby blankets, fleece throws (which are generally 50×60 or 55×70) and twin-, full-, queen-, and king-size blankets and quilts. See the gallery page for types of blankets collected to date. If you are not sure what sort of blanket to donate, check out our Amazon wish list to easily select from a variety of blankets!

Do you take used blankets?

Yes, clean, gently used giveaway blankets in good condition -- please wash & mend as needed (i.e., holes, binding, etc.) any gently used blankets. These can also include blankets from estate and yard sales. We will no longer accept unwashed blankets or blankets with holes, stains, or rips as we do not have staff to repair or clean used blankets.

Do you have a way to purchase blankets at a discount if someone preferred to make a donation instead of shipping blankets?

We prefer individuals to make arrangements to pick up at local DC-area locations, buy blankets from local stores and ship to us, or purchase blankets from an online catalog and direct items to be shipped to us. A few reasonably-priced catalogs include the following:

What date would you need blankets to deliver this year?

We generally collect blankets throughout the year and then deliver the blankets to local charities at the end of November / early December. Due to an extra large donation in 2014 in early winter, we were able to make two donations -- one in February and another in December.

What charities do you donate to?

We have donated to several local DC-area charities. See list of charities we’ve supported by year.

Other questions?

If you are interested in donating blankets to our project or have other questions, please contact me offline: Karen Huffman dcblankets [at] cybersailors.org.